What Parents Are Saying

Parents contact us on occasion to tell us about their — and their children’s — experiences with Open Arms. Below are excerpts from a few of the letters we have received.

“Kevin and I want to extend our thanks for the incredible job you do with William and all the children. We have been very happy with the care you have provided in the past year.”


“During this year, we witnessed Will’s growth from a ‘don’t-leave-me’ leg-clutcher into an independent, ‘let-go-of-me’ trailblazer. We dropped Will off each day knowing that he was in terrific hands. . . . Our experience with Open Arms shed any doubts we once had about whether our child could thrive in a daycare environment. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Will.”

Keith and Suzie

I am a single mother of three. Times are hard now a days and I would like to thank and commend the staff, the ones who I have personally worked with and the ones I see passing by.

Their patience not only to the children but also to the parents of those children are outstanding. The staff works well with you if you have a difficult situation, which we all come across one way or another, single or not, it happens and they are there to fill in that empty void and assist you with putting together the pieces. ‘Just make sure you speak up because communication is priority and as a single mother I respect that.’

Yes, at 5 years old my daughter is stuck in her ways, but her teachers are patient and they never allow her to give up and because of that she has grown and developed into a very intelligent and smart young lady, who thinks now before she does and again thank you for keeping my baby safe and teaching her the importance of developing all aspects of the start of her young, precious life.”

Ms. Tarikah Miller

“Open Arms is a genuinely caring, nurturing and safe environment. The staff and teachers are dedicated to providing a fun, yet structured learning environment. Open Arms does an excellent job of balancing Christian Values and Pre-K academic preparedness. As the parent of a 2 year old, I am very happy with my son’s growth and development and have no doubt that he will be more than prepared for kindergarten in a few short years. Open Arms is more than just a daycare center…it is a loving and safe environment where the best interest of the children is the first priority!


Dawn Harris-Williams”

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